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Gothic Dreams: Exploring Spooky-Chic Gothic Wallpaper Styles!
Medusa Wallpaper in Liquorice Allsorts

Gothic Dreams: Exploring Spooky-Chic Gothic Wallpaper Styles

If you're all about that dark and daring vibe, then you're in for a treat.

We're talking about four spooktacular styles that'll give your space an edgy twist. 

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It’s not a phase, Mom - Trendy Teenage Room Wallpaper

They may be a teenager now. but they will always be a 2000’s baby at heart.

Remember the days when flip phones and funky music ruled the world? 

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Dive Into Five Tropical Wallpaper Ideas for Summer 

Turn up the heat at home with a summer glow-up like no other. If you've been dreaming of transforming your pad into a tropical paradise, we’ve got you covered with five of our favourite tropical wallpaper designs.

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Tickle Me Pink: Five Pink Patterned Wallpaper Ideas

It's time to pay attention to pink! From pretty and playful to chic and cheeky, we're diving into the delightful world of pink patterned wallpapers that pick up the energy levels with playful prints and create those rosy, cosy retreats.

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Five Creative Ways To Start Upcycling With Wallpaper 

Upcycling with wallpaper is super eco-friendly, fun and lets you turn something from drab to fab, so what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and be inspired by these five ways to upcycle with wallpaper.

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Brighten a Room with Dreamy Pastel Coloured Wallpaper 

Sweet tooths gather around! Pastel tones are softened shades of the gorgeous colours we love the most. Although they may be easy on the eyes, our pastel wallpapers have plenty of personality and are perfect for glowing up a room without overwhelming it. 

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Retro Living Room Ideas for Those Immaculate Vintage Vibes

A retro resurgence from the 60s and 70s is always a good idea. And what better place to revive it than your sacred living room space? Whatever floats your vintage boat, Lust Home has a time machine of Retro wallpaper inspired by each unique era.

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Colourful Wallpaper Ideas For Radiating Joy In Your Home 

A new year calls for an interior transformation to jumpstart your mood from the very beginning. Whether it’s colour ideas for an entire room or a feature wall, here’s our room-by-room guided tour of colour psychology in the home.

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The 2023 Wallpaper Trends You’re Looking For

Need a hand navigating the latest wallpaper trends? We’ve rolled out six of our favourite 2023 design trends to inspire your next interior project. You've come to the right place if you're looking for anything but ordinary 2023 wallpaper trends.

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Dare To Be Different With These Bold Wallpaper Patterns

Our bold wallpaper patterns leave tradition in the past and let you live your wild and wacky truth instead. Explore funky psychedelia and float away in a field of mushrooms, or embrace your fierce inner feline with bold animal print. 

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Geometric Arches & 1920s Glam | Art Deco Wallpaper

Geometric patterns of wavy glam keep 1920s nostalgia rolling with styles that will carry on the Gatsby legacy for years to come. Dream big with these decorative Art Deco-style wallpaper designs inspired by 1920s taste and with a Lust twist!

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Floral Wallpaper Ideas

Are you ready to bring some blooming beauty into your home? Look no further than floral wallpaper! This trendy decor option is the perfect way to add some life and colour to any space. Read on and be inspired with floral wallpaper ideas for your space.

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How To Get Jungle Vibes In Your Home With my 5 Favourite Plants

I adore using plants as décor in pretty much every room in my house, they’re just so versatile and unique. There are many different species to choose from and each one will not only add a pop of colour to your space, but add a jungle vibe that’s inviting and therapeutic.

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Anything But Ordinary Striped Wallpaper Designs

If you love stripes but refuse to play it safe with wallpapers, you’ve come to the right place. From fearless animal print to wavy abstract designs here are the striped wallpapers that make a statement and say more than your average striped wallpaper design.

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2022 Wallpaper Trends Unwrapped

Here we are, the dawn of a new year. But before we finish wrapping up 2022, we thought we'd take you back through the biggest wallpaper trends of the year to help inspire you.

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