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Dare To Be Different With These Bold Wallpaper Patterns

Inspire your adventurous side with bold wallpaper patterns for the home

Our bold wallpaper patterns leave tradition in the past and let you live your wild and wacky truth instead. Explore funky psychedelia and float away in a field of mushrooms, or embrace your fierce inner feline with bold animal print. Sometimes bright colour is not enough for those flamboyant interiors, so why not take a risk with a fabulous pattern to match? Fortune favours the bold, so we're told.

Bold trippy wallpaper

Being bold is often about being outspoken, so it's out with the norm and in with taboo. Go on a journey with our very trippy wallpaper, that doesn't leave mush-room for mediocrity. (Pardon the pun) Our psychedelic wallpaper is perfect for reincarnating the hippie movement of the 60s in your home.

Mary Jane Wallpaper in Rainbow Brights

Fun Guy Wallpaper in Burnt Orange and Deep Pink (@emeraldterrace)

Our Fun Guy wallpaper has plenty to feast your eyes on if you're all about the shrooms. Vibrant, colourful mushrooms spring from one another in a neverending trance, perfect for creating those trippy vibes whilst being playful with colour. With four different colourways available, rest assured there's a fungi you'll love to pick for your home.

‘An explosion of psychedelia’ would be one way of describing Mary Jane wallpaper. This daring and energetic wallpaper wanders off the beaten trail, sending you on the trip of a lifetime! Spread Peace and Love as you go with colourful mushrooms, rainbow trails and outrageous amounts of funk. Colourful as it is unconventional, our Mary Jane wallpaper rocks a pallet of rainbow brights matching up to two of our matt emulsion paints, Harmony and Candy Floss.

Bold abstract Wallpaper

It’s time to shift your perspective…let your mind wander with this bold and abstract burst of fun. What shapes spring to mind? The beauty of Doodle wallpaper is that you get to decide what those doodles are. A punchy modern design of jumbling shapes that are up for interpretation. Depending on who's looking! Opt for a luscious palette of blush pink and red for a romantic feel, or make a classic statement with bold black doodles on a clean white background.

To create a more jungle vibe in your home, why not get fruity with some bold abstract tropical wallpaper? El Salvador wallpaper surrounds you with a shower of sub-tropical terrain, mixing it up with teal greenery, leopard print and obscure exotic motifs. This bold abstract wallpaper is perfect for introducing a wild terrain while keeping a modern element of mystery to the aesthetic. Terracotta orange tones contrasted with teal greens creates a fresh earthy feel that pours life into any room!

Bold animal print wallpaper

Easy tiger. Scraping away your old wallpaper just got easier, thanks to these feisty claws. Unleash your feline side and get Wild AF with our bright pink animal print wallpaper. Brightly coloured tigers and leopards prance and pose on a bubblegum pink background. With a bold mix of hot pink, blue and orange, our Wild AF wallpaper demands attention and has plenty of fun with its fiercely colourful palette. Make another bold move by throwing in an animal print cushion or two, such as Jungle is Massive, into the mix. Perfect for those bold interiors that can’t and won’t be tamed.

A wallpaper fierce by nature. Wild thing wallpaper is the bold statement you need if you have a weakness for both colour and leopard print. Go as bold as you can brave it, from the traditional orange spots, to bubblegum pink and daring rainbow brights that captivate the room. Why not go into complete uncharted territory by clashing prints from the animal kingdom, showing off the ultimate bold maximalist look. Now that’s a project you can really get your claws into…