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Inspiration Station

Dive into a kaleidoscope of creativity and inspiration as we guide you through the latest trends, decorating tips, and jaw-dropping design ideas to transform your space into a visual masterpiece.

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Inspiration & Trends

On the hunt for a burst of creativity? Well, you're in the right place because we've got a vibrant collection of articles that'll whisk you away into the marvellous world of home interiors! Get ready to unleash your inner designer and add some sizzle to those walls...

Decorating Guides

Whether you're a rookie or a DIY pro, our decorating guides are your backstage pass to a home makeover extravaganza! Packed with essential tips and step-by-step instructions, you'll be strutting your stuff and transforming your space with confidence!

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Get Creative

Are you a DIY enthusiast with a creative flair? Well, you're in for a treat!
Take a look through some of our more creative designs. Whether you're looking for ways to upcycle wallpaper or wanting to learn how to mix and match patterns, we cover it all.

Articles You're Lovin'

Groovy, Baby Wallpaper in Sunset Pink and Sunrise Orange _ tuscan rooftop _ candy floss @ellashausofcolour (43).jpeg__PID:15d03843-9e0e-4fe7-993c-c1ad9a32d0ef

Back to the Future: Reviving Retro Wallpaper Patterns for Modern Spaces

Step into our time machine and transform your space with the groovy revival of 60s and 70s retro wallpaper patterns! These designs will have your space groovin'.

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Good vibrations wallpaper bedroom @megmonde.jpg__PID:b5fa937d-a50c-413b-9d31-2e7960cb0fef

It’s not a Phase, Mom: Trendy Teenage Room Wallpaper

They may be a teenager now, but they will always be a 2000’s baby at heart. 
Remember the days when flip phones and funky music ruled the world?

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Forbidden Fruit Wallpaper in Petrol Blue living room @bracken_and_paws.jpg__PID:ec3a6483-bb81-4526-92c9-acf315f6faee

A How-To Guide: Mixing
and Matching Patterns in Maximalist Decor

Learn to master the art of pattern mixing in a snap. Our guide reveals the
secrets of choosing a captivating centrepiece and blending patterns.

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Picnic in the Park Wallpaper in Lemon Bonbon @coral.atkinson 4.5 004  (3).jpg__PID:724c937f-f3a2-4bda-8fff-d619803f9ae2

Stunning Wallpaper
Ideas for Your Girl's Bedroom

Whether your girl loves bunnies, butterflies, tropical vibes, or pastels, Lust Home has the perfect wallpaper to make her room a place she'll adore, for years to come.

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A How-To Guide:
Preparing Your Walls for Lust Home Paint

Are you ready to splash your living spaces with vibrant colour? We'll guide you through the step-by-step process of prepping your walls for paint.

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Animal Instinct Wallpaper in Candy Pink and Red bedroom  @leopard_luxe_home .jpeg__PID:0c40c657-061c-4f6c-8504-be828f802653

Into the Wild:
How Animal Wallpaper Elevates Interior Design

Discover the ROAR of animal inspired wallpaper and take your interior design from basic to WOW. From timeless leopard spots to zesty zebra stripes.

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Psychology of Colour:
How Colour can Influence Mood and Atmosphere

Ready to inject some colour and set the mood in your home? Transform your
home into a nonstop celebration of style and energy.

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Designing a Dreamland: Boy's Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Transform your boy's bedroom into a world of wonder and imagination! Create a room where dreams take flight and adventures never end.

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