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Are you a DIY enthusiast with a creative flair? Well, you're in for a treat! Whether you're looking for ways to upcycle wallpaper or wanting to learn how to mix and match patterns, we've got all the tips and tricks for you.

Seas The Day Matt Emulsion Paint living room @magentamodern .JPG__PID:04e4e16f-f3b1-48b8-a471-e19b9bc7a583

Four Tips for
Injecting Colour into Minimalist Spaces

Embrace minimalist living with a twist using Lust Home paint. Discover four ingenious ways to introduce personality and vibrancy to your neutral spaces.

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Forbidden Fruit Wallpaper in Petrol Blue living room @bracken_and_paws.jpg__PID:ec3a6483-bb81-4526-92c9-acf315f6faee

Mixing and Matching Patterns in Maximalist Decor: A How-To Guide

Learn to master the art of pattern mixing in a snap. Our guide reveals the secrets of choosing captivating centrepieces and blending patterns. 

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Using Floral Wallpaper
In Small Spaces:
A How-To Guide

Say goodbye to dull spaces and hello to the bloomin' good vibes! Turn those small corners in your home into floral wonderlands with our favourite flowery wallpapers!

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Forbidden Fruits wallpaper pink office @ourlayeredhome Photo 4.5 001.jpg__PID:30c7edbe-647d-46ef-883e-21ac4c248616

Home Office
Feng Shui: Balancing
Energy for Success

 Dive into our article for all the Feng Shui and fabulous wallpaper secrets to turbo-boost your career, ignite your creativity, and make your well-being soar.

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That 70_s Stripe Wallpaper in Ochre, Rose Pink and Teal + Tahini Paint @mysunderlandcottage.jpeg__PID:4e6b7b22-9ee0-4d5e-9f37-6c6e1f0b5a6b

Fearless 'Anything But Ordinary' Striped Wallpaper Designs

From fearless animal print to wavy abstract designs here are the striped wallpapers that make a statement and say more than your average striped wallpaper design.

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She_s a wildflower in brights on blue upcycle @franiandpani.j .jpg__PID:a316413c-d254-4dd8-a4c5-a9de1ae2b000

Five Creative and Eco-Friendly Ways To Upcycle With Wallpaper 

Upcycling with wallpaper is super eco-friendly, fun and lets you turn something from drab to fab. Roll up your sleeves and be inspired by these five ways to upcycle.

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