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Using Floral Wallpaper in Small Spaces: A How-To Guide

Elevate small corners in your home with our favourite floral wallpaper designs...

Revving up those cosy nooks like cloakrooms, hallways, and pint-sized box bedrooms might sound like a head-scratcher at first. But guess what? With the right game plan, these petite spaces can be the life of the party, bursting with style and oodles of personality!

So, hold onto your seats as we dive into the fabulous world of floral wallpaper, ready to turn these often-neglected corners into vibrant, personality-packed wonderlands!

Light the Way in Narrow Hallways

Hallways, those often dim and seemingly dreary passageways, can indeed use a spritz of charm and cheerfulness! Floral wallpaper is here to save the day, and we've got the lowdown on how to make it sing:

  • Go vertical, go big: When it comes to patterns, opt for the vertical ones! They're like floral skyscrapers for your hallway, tricking the eye into believing it's got more room to stretch out. Tall and proud, that's what we're aiming for!
  • Light it up: Team up your fabulous floral wallpaper with some well-placed lighting buddies. Wall sconces, pendant lights, and a snazzy mirror can work wonders, making your space feel not just bigger, but brighter and more inviting.

@lepinklondon features 'She's A Wildflower' Wallpaper in Brights on Blue

@miss_mustard_design features 'Night At The Mansion' Wallpaper in Charcoal Grey

Bold and Beautiful Floral Statements

Ah, cloakrooms, those pint-sized powerhouses of functionality! But guess what? They're also prime real estate for some style stardom! Floral wallpaper? It's not just all about whimsy and elegance; it's about turning that blank canvas into a drama-packed spectacle!

  • Embrace your inner boldness: Size doesn't matter in the world of cloakroom florals! Go big, go bold! Splash those walls with vibrant, eye-popping patterns that would make larger rooms green with envy. Drama? We're all in!
  • Fixtures with flair: Here's the secret sauce – fixtures and accessories that dance with your wallpaper. Picture this: crisp white fixtures against a dark, moody floral backdrop. The result? A jaw-dropping contrast that oozes personality!
  • Storage savvy: Let's talk practicality. In these snug toilet spaces, think smart storage – go wall-mounted! Clear that precious floor space, and voilà, your room suddenly feels like it's grown an inch or two. Space magic, right there!

@inside.number.twelve features 'Forbidden Fruit' Wallpaper in Petrol Blue

@letsby.avenue features 'Flower Bomb' Wallpaper in Pink and Orange

Add Character With Florals

Time to turn that box room into a snug sanctuary, whether it's a cosy spare bedroom or a productive home office! Floral wallpaper, with its warm embrace, is here to save the day, making these compact spaces feel like a big, comfy hug!

  • Monochromatic marvels: When you're working with a small space, think monochromatic or tone-on-tone floral patterns. It's like wrapping your room in a soothing, harmonious blanket of blooms – pure serenity that won't overwhelm your senses!
  • Multifunctional furniture: It's all about multitasking furniture! Opt for pieces that wear multiple hats, like a fold-out sofa bed or a compact desk with built-in storage. Suddenly, your box room becomes a versatile wonderland of possibilities.
  • Mirrors to the rescue: Want to work some optical illusions? Strategically position mirrors to bounce around that precious light and create a feeling of space. Mirrors are like magic wands, doubling the room's visual size and giving it an open and airy vibe.

She's a wildflower in brights on whites + smashed avo living room @jillyjillystudio .jpg__PID:d6d1b659-2785-4204-80ee-4736427e18ad

@our_casa_flamingo features 'Happy Glamper' wallpaper in Magenta and Spearmint

She's a wildflower in brights on whites + smashed avo living room @jillyjillystudio

These little nooks and crannies might be tiny, but they're brimming with untapped potential for injecting oodles of style and personality into your home sweet home! Whether you're conjuring the illusion of grandeur in hallways, unleashing drama in cloakrooms, or cocooning in cosiness in box rooms, floral wallpaper is your trusty sidekick, ready to shape-shift and adapt to your every design whim.

So, armed with these nifty tips and a boatload of design inspiration, don your creative cape and dive headfirst into the world of floral wallpaper. Let your imagination run wild, and watch as your small space blossoms into a breathtaking retreat that's uniquely yours.

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