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It’s not a phase, Mom - Trendy Teenage Room Wallpaper

Keep up with the phases! Discover trendy teenage room wallpaper ideas for the individual

Welcome, vibrant souls, to a world of hip and happening wallpaper for teenagers. Get ready to unleash a room’s true colours with teenage-friendly wallpapers exploding with youthful energy and exuberance. Lust Home is no stranger to embracing individuality and stepping outside the box, and we’re here to wow you with some electrifying teenage room wallpaper designs perfect for capturing personality and creating a canvas of self-love and expression.

On top of dazzling aesthetics, these wallpapers are all about creating a space that fuels your teen’s passions and dreams. We'll explore how your wallpaper choice can spark creativity, enhance focus, and create a sanctuary where teenagers can thrive and embrace their true identity.

Cosmic Dreams - Constellations Wallpaper

Quite literally the stuff of dreams.. our range of space and star wallpaper will take your teenager’s bedroom to infinity and beyond. Not only are these designs awe-inspiring and glittering with magic, they also hold an affinity with the zodiac signs; a hot topic of interest for teen star gazers and astronomy enthusiasts.

Setting the scene with a moody midnight sky is Medusa Wallpaper, featuring a mystical collection of sketches in stunning hues of neon pinks and blues. A combination of swirling snakes, star trails and fireflies lights up a celestial aura shimmering with pure magic.

The midnight blue backdrop creates a cosy snug perfect for a feature wall, while the fun and lively neon colours keep the energy levels pumped when it’s time to knuckle down and focus. The best of both worlds in one colourful canvas for your teenager’s room!

Retro Revival - Tattoo Wallpaper

Who says vintage can’t be trendy?! Retro will always be popular with adolescents; it’s a thing. Luckily we have a whole range of retro wallpaper stashed in our collection that quickly brings back the good old days with groovy prints and funky patterns. New to our retro range this year is the rad and rebellious Hello Sailor, a tattoo-themed wallpaper paying tribute to the timeless Sailor Jerry tattoo style - which never goes out of fashion.

Teenage years are all about self-discovery and expressing individuality. Hello Sailor Wallpaper is the epitome of rebellious cool; mixing striking imagery of anchors, swallows, skulls, and nautical stars, stirring up a sense of adventure and defiance. Your teenager can wear their artistic, fearless spirit on their bedroom walls and enjoy timeless vintage vibes, vibrant colours, and endless decorating possibilities.

2000’s Baby - Noughties Wallpaper

They may be a teenager now.. but they will always be a 2000’s baby at heart. Remember the days when flip phones and funky music ruled the world? The noughties were an era of carefree fun and infectious energy. By decking out your teenager’s bedroom with kitsch-style love heart wallpaper inspired by this iconic decade, they'll be instantly transported back to a time when life was all about Nokia ringtones and girl bands ruling the charts. It's the perfect way to show some love for the past while staying effortlessly trendy.

When it comes to the noughties, vibrant colours were the name of the game. Wild at Heart Wallpaper is not only filled with the coolest noughties vibes but also playful hues of pink, orange and red bursting with energy and nostalgia. With this eccentric wallpaper as their backdrop, your teen will have the perfect stage for making countless memories with their besties, from late-night gossip sessions to creating TikTok dance routines that go viral.

Wild ‘n Free - Zebra Wallpaper

Let's face it, teenagers have a unique knack for transforming their personal space into a reflection of their vibrant personalities. And what better way to make a statement than with a wallpaper that exudes energy, fun, and a whole lot of sass? Good Vibrations is here to add wild ripples of personality into your teenager’s room and become the centrepiece of their hip, happening sanctuary.

You can't help but feel the rhythm flowing through your veins with this quirky zebra print wallpaper, it's like having the good vibes on repeat all day. With six sizzling colourways to choose from, it’s easy to mix and match Good Vibrations with your teen’s existing decor, or go all out with a full-blown riot of hues. From hot pinks to bold monochrome and everything in between, this wallpaper is a canvas ready for their creativity to shine.

So, parents in the know! It's time to make your teenager’s bedroom the envy of all their friends. We hope you’ve found the wallpapering answer to your quest for an explosive, fun-filled atmosphere that radiates your teen’s personality. Take the plunge, and let them dare to be different!