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Tickle Me Pink: Five Pink Patterned Wallpaper Ideas

If you’re thinking pink for your next interior design project, pay attention to these five pink patterned wallpapers that will spice up your space in no time

Pink is a versatile colour to pop into your home and certainly isn't just for a little girl's bedroom! From pretty and playful to chic and cheeky, we're diving into the delightful world of pink patterned wallpapers that pick up the energy levels with playful prints and create those rosy, cosy retreats.

When it comes to wallpaper, there are countless pink patterns to choose from, ranging from bold and vibrant to soft and subtle. Whether you're a lover of all things pink, a pattern fanatic, or just looking to jazz up your space, we've picked out some of our favourite Lust pink patterned wallpapers featuring shades of bubblegum, pastel, dusty, rose, and peach pink. Choose your mood!

1. Bubblegum Pink

 For walls that pop from every angle you can’t go wrong with a fun and energetic bubblegum pink shade. Stupid Cupid Wallpaper shoots a sweet shot of nostalgia across the walls with a romantic floral print sure to steal some hearts! Cheeky cupids capture hearts one by one on this fresh and feminine wallpaper print bursting with love and colour.

With a generous colour palette, you can colour match and coordinate to your heart’s desire with Stupid Cupid. Choose from apricot blooms to bring out some zesty yellows and oranges, or the mint greens and peach pinks to embrace the muted pastel look. This totally unique, retro wallpaper is also perfectly matched with Lust Home paints Candyfloss and Soul Surfer.

2. Pastel Pink

Pastel pink is an absolute gem when it comes to wallpaper decoration. This mood-lifting colour is like a warm hug for your walls, not to mention it goes with just about anything! It can be sweet and girly, or sophisticated and chic. Hypnotise Wallpaper brings the pastel party with delicious cream and candy floss pink bands of happiness, taking a sweet dip into the world of colour without overwhelming the walls.

This pastel pink stripe wallpaper is a lovable design that both kids and adults can't resist. You can hang it in a dressing room paired with bold black accents for a stylish contrast, or go all out-pastel with soft blues and greens that create a calming effect that’s like a soothing balm for your soul. Use our Candy Floss and Gluten Free paints as yummy contrasts!

3. Dusty Pink

Dusty pink is a marvellous mix of cotton candy and vintage rose petals. It’s soft and subtle yet still rocks some sass with violet and beige undertones. Perfect for keeping some fresh urbanity in those more modern pink interiors. Lucky Cat Wallpaper strays into the Orient with an iconic Japanese lucky cat print scattered over a dusty pink backdrop, creating an elegant worldliness about the design.

Contrasting both black and white lucky cat prints, this dusty pink wallpaper circulates good fortune wherever you need some happy-go-lucky vibes in the home. Pair with complementing pink accessories and sleek black accents to really make a statement, not forgetting to return the good energy every day!

4. Rose Pink

Give your walls a beautiful blush with some rose-pink wallpaper. Rose pink is like a mix of cotton candy and bubblegum pink, creating just the right shade for embracing your inner pink-loving princess. She’s a Wildflower Wallpaper is a blooming wonderful rose floral wallpaper designed to give your space an oh-so-lovely overdose of colour.

She's a Wildflower Wallpaper in Rose Pink by @colorful_kimmes

Created for Lust Home by UK designer Oh So Daisy, this multicoloured floral design on rose pink will add an explosion of femininity and fun to your home. These eccentric floral illustrations dream big in colour and fill up the walls with a rose pink paradise featuring hints of mustard yellow, pastel pinks and rich greens.

5. Peach Pink

The shade peach pink will for sure have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside with its light and lively hue. This orangey pink tone is cheerful and charming; the perfect colour for brightening up each day. Ogata Kuren Wallpaper is an uplifting print that takes your mood to the skies with a stunning Japandi-style crane print.

Throughout Asia, the crane bird is a symbol of happiness and longevity, which is just the kind of positive motivation you want soaring up the walls in your home. Incorporate the majestic crane bird into your home with this unique flying crane wallpaper on a peach pink backdrop. Add tropical elements with plants to infuse some wild terrain, decorating with sleek black furnishings to make the cranes really pop!