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The 2023 Wallpaper Trends you’re looking for

Need a hand navigating the latest wallpaper trends? We’ve rolled out six of our favourite 2023 design trends to inspire your next interior project.

You've come to the right place if you're looking for anything but ordinary 2023 wallpaper trends. Lust Home, like you, are enchanted by the influence wallpaper has on the home aesthetic and believe any space has the potential to shine. Make this year the brightest one yet!This year is all about breaking the rules and having fun with your interior design, striving to be bold and brilliant. Whether it's carefree florals or geometric statement patterns, these are the design trends to explore if you want to inject some personality into your home.

Maximalist Prints

Forget about tradition and embrace the maximalist prints at home in 2023. It’s no secret that there are tons of benefits to living with bold and colourful wallpapers that invigorate our spaces. If you are captivated by the mystery of the ocean, then Treasure Chest will unlock your imagination, plunging to the depths of a vivid Atlantis.

Explore your wild side with clashing animal kingdom designs like leopard print and Jungle is Massive wallpaper. These contrasts make a fierce and feminine statement! In true maximalist style, experiment with bold paint and add texture with one of our anything-but-ordinary cushions.

Retro Resurgence Prints

Retro keeps on rolling this year as we see a blast from a funky past on wallpaper designs. Classic art deco and curvy geometric shapes of the 70s are making a very colourful return in 2023 with bright shades, including burnt oranges, maroons and yellows.

The already-striking 70s wallpaper prints are given a new lease of life through mesmerising colour palettes that bring a modernised 'newstalgia' feel, perfect if you're looking for retro living room ideas.

Abstract Stripes

Abstract stripes are wonderful if you want to create a subtly trendy look without the walls looking too busy. Vertically lined patterns create space in the home with the illusion of a higher ceiling, making these terrific choices on stairs or hallways.

Get a Wiggle On is a playful take on striped wallpaper that contrasts rhythmic stripes, adding vibrancy to any space. Alternatively, wavy abstract stripes such as Good Vibrations loosen up the aesthetic and create a relaxed atmosphere, making this funky zebra design perfect for the living room.

Botanical Florals

Abstract botanicals will continue to bloom in 2023 wallpaper trends, keeping our vital connection to nature whilst mixing up fresh, dynamic shapes. These designs perfectly capture colour and florals in a more modern interior aesthetic.

Nature and its link to overall happiness and well-being will keep the floral wallpaper trend flourishing this year, giving you all the more reason to 'bring the outside in'.

Tropical Wallpaper

Tropical prints with jungle foliage encourage holistic well-being and mindfulness and create a calming oasis. Tropical wallpaper reminds us of the idyllic enormity of rainforests, quieting our thoughts and worries for a tranquil moment.

For this reason, it is becoming a more and more popular choice in bathrooms, where you can unwind in the bath to the sound of running water; your very own paradise.

Japandi Style Wallpaper

Japanese koi fish symbolise swimming against the currents and embracing change. Just the motivation we need for 2023! Carpe Diem wallpaper is inspired by Japandi-style minimalism with a colourful Lust twist. This sleek and sophisticated pool of swirling koi fish comes in three different colourways to suit your style; peach pink, indigo blue and monochrome.

For an equally unique oriental-style wallpaper, broaden your horizons with Ogata Kuren. This beautiful wallpaper features large-scale cranes taking to the skies in unison. Hang it as an uplifting feature wall anywhere in the home to get your mojo back in 2023.