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Anything But Ordinary Striped Wallpaper Designs

Seeing stripes in your future? Be inspired by our on-trend striped wallpaper designs that stray from the everyday.

The stripe hype will likely never quiet down, still going strong in 2023 wallpapers trends, with the resurgence of simple patterns being strongly sought-after. With bold, retro styles also snowballing across interior design trends we now have a hybrid of the two.

If you love stripes but refuse to play it safe with wallpapers, you’ve come to the right place. From fearless animal print to wavy abstract designs here are the striped wallpapers that make a statement and say more than your average striped wallpaper design.

Bold Stripes

Vertical stripes need not be basic, but rather bold in 2023. When taking the plunge with audacious colours, bold striped wallpaper can act as a magnet in your pad. Colourful pinstripe wallpaper makes punchy feature walls for the kitchen, living room, or any room you want to make look bigger. That 70’s Stripe lights up the room with wide, seamless bands that show off a cosy retro colour scheme. Perfect if you’re looking for Retro Living Room Ideas with a touch of class.

If you’re style-savvy but prefer a simpler look, black and white striped wallpaper is a cult classic. Secret Garden is our monochrome striped wallpaper that flirts with bright floral motifs, the perfect way to dip your toe into the world of colour!

Wavy Stripes

Throwing a literal curve ball into traditional stripes, wavy stripe wallpaper is now making its way onto walls in a fluid fashion. Get A Wiggle On wallpaper is a groovy striped wallpaper that embraces movement and challenges the conventional stripe, featuring retro colour schemes and playful pastels. Narrow wavy stripes do a super job at stretching out the height of a room while loosening up the vibes and keeping it mellow. A retro blend of mustard, teal and pink shades creates a vibrant look in any home interior, as seen in our Retro Sunset colourway.   

Animal Stripes

Animal stripes will always be three things - in fashion, funky and fabulous. Zebra stripes in particular, jump off the wall, kicking up a frenzy of abstract mode. Good Vibrations striped wallpaper brings out our wild side and the positive energy we need in 2023, featuring energetic diagonal stripes rippling throughout.

Diagonal stripes create a bold and engaging feel in the home, perfect for injecting charisma into a living area. With six striking colourways, there’s a shade for every interior style. Cool pastels embrace 90s aesthetics, black and white zebra stripes represent the minimalist, and rich plum tones evoke a boho feel. Go further into the wild and experiment with clashing animal kingdom prints and cushions! 

Geometric Stripes

Herringbone wallpapers are a creative, quirky way of featuring geometric stripes without overindulging on the pattern. Our traditional Scandinavian wallpaper gives stripes total autonomy, zig-zagging horizontally over vertical lines, inspiring the name ‘Go Your Own Way.’ The close-knit symmetry creates a cute and cosy feel which perfectly embodies Scandi luxe and simplicity. Find your style in one of our five colourways!