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Psychology of Colour: How Colour Can Influence Mood and Atmosphere

Get ready to paper the town (or atleast your home) with our vibrant colour guide...

It’s no secret that when it comes to sprucing up your living space, wallpaper is the key to turning a room from meh to marvellous. It’s your palette that lets you play with emotions, set the scene, and create a vibe that’s uniquely yours.

So, let us show you how different colours can totally rock your mood and the overall feel of your space.

The Spectrum of Emotions

By understanding the psychology of colours, you can craft the perfect atmosphere for each room in your home.

Feeling zen? Craving an energy boost? Longign for sophistication? Or perhaps you're ready to turn up the passion dial? Get ready, because the right wallpaper is about to steal the show and make your design dreams the star of your home.

Calming Blues

Imagine a clear, blue sky or the gentle ripples of a serene ocean. Blue wallpapers bring that peaceful vibe into your space, like a breath of fresh air. Stress? It’s on vacation!

Blue designs turn bedrooms and bathrooms into personal zen zones. They're like a relaxation retreat, perfect for unwinding and recharging. And here's the bonus: they might just become your secret weapon for the cosiest sleep and the chillest morning routine ever.

@emeraldterrace features 'Whale Of A Time' Wallpaper in Deep Sea Blue

@lisaspink1 features 'Ogata Kuren' Wallpaper in Midnight Blue

Energising Yellows

Let's talk about the happiest colour on the block: yellow! Yellow wallpapers bring a room to life with enthusiasm and positivity. They're basically a dose of pure joy!

But where's the party? Yellow wallpapers are the life of the kitchen turning meal prep into a happy dance with every chop and stir. And when it comes to home offices, they're your sneaky advantage for creating a workspace that's both productive and radiates good vibes. Get ready to soak in the sunshine every day!

@cindydenekamp features 'Get A Wiggle On' Wallpaper in Sunshine Yellow

@hayleyheartsxo features 'Freshly Squeezed' Wallpaper in Lemon Yellow and Aquamarine

Chalkboard Chic: Monochrome

Black and white are the unsung superheroes of interior design, ready to rock any room they enter! These timeless shades are like the ultimate shape-shifters, ready to dazzle and set the mood wherever you want.

From an eclectic living space to bold bathroom statements, black and white wallpapers become your personal design playground. They're like a blank canvas, just waiting for your creative genius to work its magic. Whether you're gunning for cozy and comforting or craving bold and minimalistic, these dynamic duos effortlessly roll out the red carpet for your design dreams to steal the show!

@ajourneyofcolourandstyle features 'Stripes on Stripes' Wallpaper in Monochrome

@stove_pipe_house features 'Carpe Diem' Wallpaper in Monochrome

Ravishing Reds

Let's talk about the firecracker of colours: RED! It's bold, it's passionate, and it's all about stirring up excitement and drama. Red is the rockstar of hues, ready to grab the spotlight and ignite a party of emotions wherever it goes.

So, where's the stage for this superstar? Picture a red accent wall in your bedroom where this lively, daring shade instantly transforms your room into a passionate haven, perfect for late-night dance parties or impromptu pillow fights. Whether it's a bold, fiery red or a cheeky, candy apple hue, a red bedroom is the epitomy of drama and spice. 

@colorful_kimmes features 'Doodle' Wallpaper in Red and Pink

@dixie.daydream features 'Hide and Seek' Wallpaper in Red and Pink

Earthy Greens

Once and Floral Wallpaper Shown In Navy, Teal, Burgundy and Mauve

Green, the colour of Mother Nature herself, is all about growth, harmony, and balance. It's a revitalising sip of the great outdoors, right in the heart of your indoors.

Now, where's the green magic happening? You may be asking. Green wallpapers are the perfect infusion of nature for your space. In your living room, they're an exotic oasis of relaxation and tranquility, making every moment feel like a serene escape to the great outdoors. And the bathroom? Well here, they transform utilitarian space into a lush tropical getaway. Picture stepping into a lush green paradise, feeling like you're showering in a rainforest waterfall.  

@sixtysevenbelmont features 'Lady Leopard' Wallpaper in Emerald

@mycolorfulfloridise features 'Welcome To The Jungle' Wallpaper in Forest Greens

Your home is your canvas - using our colour guide, paint your home with the colours that speak to your soul and create the atmosphere you've always dreamed of!

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