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Mixing and Matching Patterns in Maximalist Decor: A How-To Guide

From eye-popping focal points to pattern scaling like a boss, discover the secrets to creating a vibrant maximalist paradise...

Maximalism isn’t for the faint-hearted - it’s a wild, vibrant and unapologetically bold design statement! And the coolest bit? Design rules are optional (woohoo)! At the heart of this vibrant universe lies the art of pattern mixing and matching. But hold onto your hats, because this isn’t your run-of-the-mill design endeavour. It’s a thrilling escapade where patterns don't just coexist; they throw a lively carnival together! So, fasten your seatbelt and prepare to be flung into maximalist pattern madness.

Begin with a Focal Point

To ignite the fireworks of pattern mixing in your maximalist wonderland, let's kickstart the party with a bang! Picture this: you're about to choose a focal point, but not just any focal point. We're talking about our jaw-dropping, anything but ordinary wallpaper designs. These wallpapers are the dynamite that will set your room on fire with style.

Select a statement wallpaper that's so bold, it practically sets off fireworks in the room! Imagine the irresistible allure of ‘Forbidden Fruit’, the wild energy of ‘Lady Leopard’, or the timeless charisma of one of your faves, ‘Leonardo’. This isn't just wallpaper; it's your ticket to pattern paradise, and it'll be the star of your show.

Forbidden Fruit_Dusty Rose_LH900357_0387_WEB.jpg__PID:e746a7b7-9256-4dcc-ab61-91fdf0241bf3
Forbidden Fruit_Dusty Rose_LH900357_0387_WEB.jpg__PID:e746a7b7-9256-4dcc-ab61-91fdf0241bf3

Forbidden Fruit Wallpaper in Dusty Rose

Lady Leopard Wallpaper in Emerald

Establish Your Colour Palette

We're about to lay the groundwork for a pattern-filled fiesta that'll have your chosen wallpaper doing the cha-cha in no time! Our premium paint collection is like a candy store, offering a rainbow of colours to choose from.

Here's the game plan: pluck a few tones right from your wallpaper, and let them be your paintbrush-wielding pals as you jazz up the room with patterns and accents.

Take our 'Jungle is Massive' wallpaper in sweet pink, as an example. Pair it up with our matt emulsion paints in Colourfonia and I'm Blushing , and you've got yourself a space that's as colourful as a confetti explosion!


'Colourfornia' Matt Emulsion Paint

'I'm Blushing' Matt Emulsion Paint

Mix, Scale and Style

Now, let’s take a plunge into the intriguing world of patterns and stir them together like a mad scientist concocting a colourful experiment. Welcome to the pattern laboratory, where patterns of all breeds and dimensions gather for a science-defying spectacle.

Imagine your wallpaper as the madcap professor, flaunting its wild theories with bold floral equations. To keep the lab experiment thrilling, introduce quirky polka dot molecules or electrifying stripes to the mix. Our collection of cushions are ready to help you create pattern potions that defy the ordinary. So, don your lab coat, grab those cushions, and let the pattern experiment commence!

Miami Vibe wallpaper Lust Home cushions @lepinkcollective photo 4.5 001.jpg__PID:76aeb779-3262-49e7-91bb-253257f2b7f4
Animal Instinct cushion ochre and pink bedroom @colourfulleopard .jpg__PID:b7793262-69e7-41bb-a532-57f2b7f4ba48

@lepinklondon features 'Lady Leopard' Cushion in Bold Burgundy

@colourfulleopard features 'Animal instinct' Cushion in Ochre and Pink

Texture Matters

It's time to add a twist to your maximalist wonderland with a medley of textures that'll make your space feel like an amusement park for your senses.

Think plush velvet cushions that are as cosy as a bear hug, soft silk curtains that flow like a waterfall of elegance, or a shaggy rug that feels like you're walking on clouds. These textural wonders don't just break up the pattern party; they add a whole new level of sensory excitement to your maximalist decor.So, let's get touchy-feely with your decor!

So, go ahead, dare to be bold, unleash your inner pattern maestro, and let the Lust Home energy transform your space into a vibrant, living masterpiece.

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