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Maximalism vs Minimalism: Finding Balance One Wallpaper at a Time

Are you a maximalist, minimalist, or both? Explore the art of harmonising both styles into your home interiors…

One moment, minimalist spaces with clean lines and neutral colours dominate the scene, and the next, maximalist extravagance bursts onto the stage, filled with bold patterns and vibrant tones. Both maximalism and minimalism have their unique charm, but the key to creating a harmonious living space may lie in finding the right balance between the two. In this article, we’ll explore how maximalism and minimalism can coexist in your home’s interior.

What is Maximalism?

What's the deal with Maximalism, you ask? Well, it's like a party for your eyes! Maximalism is all about going big, bold, and never holding back when it comes to design. It's like saying, "Why settle for one piece of chocolate when you can have the whole box?" Picture this: a maximalist interior is like stepping into a treasure chest of textures, colours, and decorative delights. It's as if your home threw a wild and whimsical carnival, and every nook and cranny has its own thrilling tale to tell.

What is Minimalism?

Ever wondered about Minimalism? It's like discovering the elegance in simplicity. Minimalism is the art of less, proving that sometimes, simplicity can speak volumes. It's like saying, "Let's strip away the excess and let the essentials shine!" A minimalist interior is a serene sanctuary, where every element is carefully chosen. It's a place where clean lines and a limited colour palette create an atmosphere of calm and clarity. Think of it as your home's zen garden, where clutter and chaos are unwelcome guests.

Finding Harmony Through Wallpaper

Wallpaper, with its myriad of patterns, colours and textures, offers an ideal medium for striking a balance between maximalism and minimalism in your home. Here’s how you can incorporate both design philosophies using our wallpaper designs…

1. Feature Walls

In the minimalist corner, we've got the sleek, serene space that's all about that 'less is more' vibe. But wait for it, here comes the plot twist – a single accent wall dressed in bold, wild, and unabashedly maximalist wallpaper! It's like a stylish rebel in the midst of calm, shouting, "Look at me!" It's the superhero cape that turns your room into a blockbuster movie set without stealing the show.

 And then, in the maximalist corner, where patterns and textures party like there's no tomorrow, we've got our MVP – the strategically placed minimalist wallpaper! It's like a zen garden in the middle of a carnival. When your eyes need a breather from the dazzling chaos, this minimalist oasis steps in, saying, "Come, relax, and find your inner peace."

Once and Floral Wallpaper In Navy, Teal, Burgundy and Mauve

Pair with...

Rain Rain Go Away Matt Emulsion Paint - 2.5L

Smashed Avo Matt Emulsion Paint - 2.5L

Blue Moon Matt Emulsion Paint - 2.5L

2. Colour Balance

In a maximalist room that's throwing a colour party, think of a neutral or monochromatic wallpaper as the DJ, keeping things grounded and groovy. But, in a minimalist space where neutrals rule the roost, consider a vibrant wallpaper as the life of the party, injecting a jolt of energy and a splash of personality into the mix!

Go Your Own Way Wallpaper In Dove Grey

Pair With...

Candy Floss Matt Emulsion Paint - 2.5L

Nirvana Matt Emulsion Paint - 2.5L

Smashed Avo Matt Emulsion Paint - 2.5L

3. Textural Contrast

Think of wallpaper like your room's fashion statement. Maximalist wallpaper? It's the textured, patterned dress that's ready to party. Minimalist wallpaper? It's the smooth, understated suit, keeping things classy. Now, put them in the same room! It's like a stylish duo with different vibes, creating a cool contrast that adds depth and interest to your space. Your walls become the ultimate style influencers!

Maximalist wallpaper often features intricate textures and patterns, while minimalist wallpaper leans towards subtle and smooth finishes. Combining these textures on different walls within the same room can create a tactile and visual contrast that adds depth and interest.

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