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Geometric Arches & 1920s Glam | Art Deco Wallpaper

Make any room the life and soul of the party with our jazzy art deco wallpaper

The roaring 20s called. They want their art deco wallpaper back! (We would want it back too) Fortunately, however, this intoxicating trend is going absolutely nowhere. Geometric patterns of wavy glam keep 1920s nostalgia rolling, and we’ve reinvented styles that will carry on the lavish legacy of Great Gatsby for years to come. Dream big with these decorative Art Deco-style wallpaper designs inspired by 1920s taste and with a Lust twist!

Art Deco Arches

 Sleek, geometric arches create one smooth-operating wallpaper. With every arch boomeranging into the next, this arching art deco wallpaper knows how to move by literally throwing shapes. Get into the swing of stylized symmetry that is an absolute treat to look at on your walls, and get your daily mojo from a bold pattern that refuses to be interrupted.

The beauty of these waves is that you can add your spin with the colourway you choose. Fire up some joie de vivre with passionate pinks and maroon reds, or keep it vintage with olive greens and neutral gold. Keep On Rolling wallpaper is our hybrid of 60s soul and art deco inspo from the 1920s!

Great Gatsby Art Deco

 A wallpaper Gatsby himself would approve of. Our Great Gatsby art deco wallpaper, Leonardo, celebrates the glitz and glamour of the roaring 20s that transports you all the way back to the jazz age. Turn heads at your cocktail party with decadent gold diamond shapes that cut out pools of green marble detail.

By swirling in an iridescent marble metal effect, Leonardo wallpaper so easily captures the opulence of Gatsby art deco design. If you’ve got a taste for roaring 20s interior design luxury and want to channel your art deco diva, hang this bobby dazzler in your pad! We also have a midnight blue colourway for that mysterious, modern-day fairytale feel.

Art Deco Bauhaus

We gave the classic Bauhaus design a bold new makeover with this asymmetric mix and match of colour blocking. A ‘same but different feel’, 1919 wallpaper layers rounded arch shapes to create a fresh effect perfect for those edgy interiors. Our three different colourways allow you rock either retro, modern or cool pastel vibes on your walls.

Last but not least; it wouldn’t be an art deco collection without this classic number. Diablo wallpaper is the timeless Bauhaus style that cleverly plays on the iconic fan pattern of the 1920s through abstract half moon shapes. Go vintage with a retro colour blocking or keep a cool aesthetic with soft pastels.