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Four Tips For Injecting Colour Into Minimalist Spaces

Spruce up your minimalist palette with a splash of Lust Home paint

Are you a minimalist at heart, but longing to add a splash of colour to your living spaces? Lust Home paint, with its vivid spectrum of shades, offers endless possibilities for transforming your minimalist haven into a vibrant and stylish retreat. With four inspiring tips, we’ll guide you through some simple ways to infuse life and personality into your neutral decor.

Tip 1: Paint a Captivating Feature Wall

When it's time to turn your minimalist space into a vibrant masterpiece, nothing screams "Wow!" quite like a stunning feature wall! This technique will instantly add a burst of colour that's impossible to ignore.

So, grab your wizard hat (or just your favourite Lust Home paint colour), and let's get started! Choose a shade that dances to the beat of your style and complements your existing furnishings like they're BFFs. Now, for the fun part: deciding which wall gets to be the superstar! Think strategically—pick the wall that's like the Beyoncé of your room, whether it's the one you see right when you walk in or the backdrop to your favourite furniture piece.


@elle_the_home_bird features 'Soul Surfer' Matt Emulsion Paint 

@halfpaintedhouse features 'Lavender' Matt Emulsion Paint

Tip 2: Revive your Furniture

Minimalism is all about keeping what matters most and sometimes, your trusty furniture pieces deserve a little refresh. Could it be your faithful side table, a charming dresser, or maybe that old cabinet with endless potential?

It's time to choose a paint colour that not only complements your minimalist room but also adds that extra pop of personality to your space. You're the artist here, so go bold, go subtle, or mix it up – the choice is yours!


Under The Banana Tree wallpaper terracotta, tuscan rooftop paint wardobe upcycle @emmajanepalin Photo 4.5 004.jpg__PID:b8c743b2-6424-42d1-a86c-24b29f5aee63

@emmajanepalin features 'Under The Banana Tree' Wallpaper in Terracotta

@magentamodern features 'Seas The Day' Matt Emulsion Paint 

Tip 3: Bring Life To Doors and Trim

Let's talk doors and trim - the unsung heroes of your minimalist space! These little champs offer a fantastic chance to inject some sneaky, but oh-so-fabulous, pops of colour! 

First things first, channel your inner detective and seek out those doors and trim hiding in plain sight. We're talking about the interior doors, the frames around them, the trim around your windows, the skirting boards down below, and even the crown moulding up top - they're all in on this colour party!

And don't forget to pick a vibrant shade. This clever move keeps things cohesive while adding an element of surprise and depth that's sure to make your space the talk of the town.


@furnishedandfestive features 'She's A Wildflower' Wallpaper in Brights on Blue

@therachelhendersonstudio features 'Candy Floss' and 'Lemon Sherbet' Matt Emulsion Paint 

Tip 4: Create Your Own Wall Mural

Turn your minimalist space into a riot of colours and good vibes! It’s time to throw a wall mural party using paint, and guess what? There are no fussy rules to rain on your creative parade. Let your imagination go bananas and paint outside the lines. Think quirky abstract designs that will have your space dancing. Or, go all out with geometric shapes that summon your inner Picasso!

Once and Floral Wallpaper Shown In Navy, Teal, Burgundy and Mauve


hanna.k.l paint mural content  (9).jpg__PID:730c5ba1-27a0-4c7e-9068-53e5be7c8f0e
Homer, The Running Fox, Poison Apple, Aubergine Emoji Matt Emulsion Paint salon @lizzie.mullaney.portfolio (1).jpg__PID:befe8432-bf27-4d4d-a153-442291f30687
I’m blushing, Veneziano, Homer , Mr Fisher, Colourfornia, Aubergine Emoji @mollymural (6) .jpg__PID:5ba127a0-dc7e-4068-93e5-be7c8f0e1bab

@hanna.k.l features 'I'm Blushing', 'Poison Apple' and 'Veneziano' Matt Emulsion Paint

@lizzie.mullaney.portfolio features 'Homer', 'The Running Fox', 'Poison Apple' and 'Aubergine Emoji' Matt Emulsion Paint

@mollymural features 'Veneziano', 'Homer', 'Mr Fisher', 'Colourfornia' and 'Aubergine Emoji' Matt Emulsion Paint

With Lust Home paint, your home becomes a canvas for your personality to shine. Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to a world where minimalism meets a vibrant burst of colour. So, let's paint your story with hues that make you feel alive!

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