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Fire Up the Fun: Designing Your Dream Fireplace

Give your fireplace the star treatment it deserves, and transform your fireplace into a sizzling showstopper with our utterly unique designs.

Turn up the heat in your home with the blazing centrepiece that is your fireplace! It's not just a source of warmth; it's where epic tales are woven and unforgettable moments ignite. It's time to stoke the fires of your creativity and make your fireplace the heart of your humble abode.

With Lust Home, you’ll discover a selection of luxurious, quirky, and statement wallpapers, providing you with the blazing canvas you need to spark your imagination.

She's A Wildflower

She's a wildflower living room @a_life_for_ryans .jpg__PID:5b4bed6d-a375-420c-9ae8-98102fcf2184

@jillyjillystudio features She's A Wildflower Wallpaper in Brights on Vintage Cream

She's a wildflower living room @a_life_for_ryans

Your feature wall is about to undergo a wild transformation with 'She's A Wildflower', the ultimate hotspot for fun and flair. Let your fireplace flames flicker against this energetic backdrop, to create an atmosphere that's as warm as it is inviting.

Also Available In...

Rose Pink

Brights on Blue

Mother Earth and Candy Floss

@lepinklondon features 'Candy Floss' and 'Mother Earth' Matt Emulsion Paint

Marrying 'Mother Earth' and 'Candy Floss' matt emulsion paints for your fireplace feature wall is like inviting a natural symphony into your living space. The pink and green aesthetic has had us under its spell for quite some time, and when it comes to your fireplace, this dynamic duo is pure magic.

'Mother Earth' brings the grounded, earthy vibes, while 'Candy Floss' playfully sets the stage with its vibrant, bubblegum pop. Together, they craft a sizzling backdrop that turns your fireplace into an electrifying focal point.

Forbidden Fruit

@thetruthbehindthe_decor features 'Forbidden Fruit' Wallpaper in Dusty Rose

@the.eclectic.home features 'Forbidden Fruit' Wallpaper in Biscuit Beige and 'Crying Lightning' Matt Emulsion Paint 

Turn your fireplace into a masterpiece with our 'Forbidden Fruit' wallpaper. This sultry, dusky pink floral design is all about embracing the sizzle of dark romance. Adorned with painted flowers, twisting snakes, and enticing red apples, it's a wallpaper that's just as tempting as its name suggests.

So, let's get cosy and make your fireplace the life of the party - where your feature wall is hotter than a summer fling!

Also Available In...

Antique Gold

Petrol Blue

Get ready to roll out the red carpet for unforgettable get-togethers, and let your fireplace claim its rightful throne as the ultimate centrepiece with our extraordinary wallpaper designs. We're talking about the kind of designs that not only steal the spotlight but also your guests' hearts!

With a treasure trove of trendy, one-of-a-kind designs at your fingertips, finding the perfect wallpaper for your feature wall has never been easier.

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