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Brighten a Room With Dreamy Pastel Coloured Wallpaper

Time for a sweet treat? Pick the pastel coloured wallpaper of your dreams

Pastel tones are softened shades of the gorgeous colours we love the most. Although they may be easy on the eyes, our pastel-coloured wallpapers have plenty of personality and are perfect for glowing up a room without overwhelming it.

Lust Home has a new range of dreamy pastel wallpapers that are light on saturation but heavy on vibration. Sweet tooths gather around! Treat yourself to some muted tones of luscious lilacs, mint greens and custard yellows that mix up a blissful, cloud nine-colour scheme. Pick a style and get pasteling…

Pastel Floral Wallpaper

Florals perk us up with their cheerful nature and can create a calming sanctuary in the home. Happy Glamper fuses muted pastels with frilly florals to create a delicious green meadow that never stops blooming! The pop of magenta pink is just the right amount of colour to brighten a room, but those cool pastel tones keep a dreamy aura flowing.

Bubbly, cloud-like motifs also make us feel light and fuzzy, adding to this design's euphoric bliss. As for paint pairings, our minty green Colorfornia does this trick to enhance this pretty print. If you're hot on lilac, loosen up with our Dance of the Dragonfly Cushion, featuring blooming lotus flowers and dragonflies on sleek lilac satin.

Pastel Geometric Wallpaper

Pastel colours will be forever fashionable, and the shades just keep on coming on Wave after Wave wallpaper. This art deco-inspired wallpaper features rhythmic, geometric arches that are flawlessly complimented by relaxed pastel tones. Floating colour into a room is made easy as pie with this rainbow of pastels featuring peach pink, baby blue, mint green and custard yellow.

This wallpaper is a must-have choice if you want to be as versatile as possible in your decor choices, with many pastel tones to play with. If you’re getting a taste for the minty green shade, we recommend our Ogata Kuren Cushion, which features delicate cranes soaring on a satin green backdrop.

Pastel Stripe Wallpaper

Pastel pink and blue is a classic combination that feels fun and youthful. What better way to contrast them than on an equally classic striped wallpaper design? Get a Wiggle On is our unique striped wallpaper with a funky Lust twist of colour. These candy-floss pink and bubblegum blue stripes are wiggling with a joy you cannot help but be influenced by.

Depending on which colour you’ll get your groove on with, we have paints matching up to each palette with Candy Floss for the pink preference and Nirvana for the blue.

Pastel Checks Wallpaper

Last but certainly not least, we’re proud to introduce Daisy Days, born from our most recent collaboration with Oh So Daisy. You may already know these designs never shy away from colour, but this one dazzles in a bold rainbow and flower power crossover like no other.

This cottage-core gingham wallpaper checks all the boxes of colour, featuring an iridescent patchwork of brights and pastels. You’ll find a cute little daisy sitting at each cross-section, the perfect finishing touch embroidering the country-chic design.