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Dive Into Paradise: 5 Tropical Wallpaper Ideas for a Summer Home Makeover

A summer glow-up for your home has never been easier with these 5 tropical wallpaper ideas

Summer is coming in hot! Now is the time to strip off into your swim togs, but also to strip those walls bare and get them ready for a sizzling new look. If you've been dreaming of transforming your pad into a tropical paradise, we’ve got you covered with five of our favourite tropical wallpaper designs.

Think tropical climates, vibrant hues, and exotic creatures that come alive on your walls and transport you straight to the heart of a remote island getaway. Grab a pina colada and some shades, and let’s take your home decor game to a whole new level.

1. Madagascar Wallpaper

Let your interior inspo soar with Madagascar wallpaper as it takes you on a wildlife tour through the tropics. This tropical bird wallpaper brings all the birds of paradise together in one design with flamingos, toucans, and parrots all strutting their stuff in a symmetrical pattern. Tangled between the tapestry of wings you may spot a ring-tailed lemur or two! Our white and brights colourway borrows the brightest shades of nature including hot pinks, lime greens, and cyan blues.

Nothing quite says summer like pink flamingos; they are the epitome of tropical chic and a surefire way to bring the flamboyance of the tropics to your home. These playful pink hues are a dream to decorate around if you’re looking to create a nursery or simply love the bright energy of the colours. Or if you want to go down the path of earthy greens and terracottas, the muted pastel colourway embraces the wild warmth of Madagascar without overwhelming a room. This design looks gorgeous with rattan furniture and plants filling the space.

Mowgli Wallpaper in Shades of Green by @awholenewbuild


2. Mowgli Wallpaper

If you're a Jungle Book lover or just crazy about the chaotic nature of the rainforest, look no further than Mowgli, our jungle wallpaper swingin’ with wildlife from top to bottom. In a watercolour painting style, this exotic print features charcoal wildlife hanging out in breezy layers of gorgeous green leaves. It's a playful and vibrant choice that will fill up your space with life and energy.

You'll practically feel the refreshing mist from the rainforest filling up the room, making this a fabulous choice for a tropical bathroom. For a tropical glam look, we recommend pairing Mowgli with gold accents such as statement mirrors and wall hangings that allow the lighter tones of the jungle to glow.

3. Pandora Wallpaper

Sometimes, diving into a paradise on earth is not enough. This is why we have Pandora wallpaper, a design for those seeking a fluorescent utopia that’s completely out of this world! You can really feel the frequency of a tropical climate with this vivid print sizzling with colour. Large-scale plants, trees, and passion flowers burst across the walls in zingy pops of pink, yellow, and green that make any room feel like your very own eclectic paradise.

This tropical paradise print was made for homes that dare to be a little different and love to play with colour. You can unlock Pandora’s true potential by injecting more zesty life into your home space with yellow or teal furniture and bright boho accessories such as tassel rugs and wall hangings. If you’re in love with Pandora’s vibe but prefer something a little moodier you’ll be pleased to know we have an equally fabulous Emerald, Teal, and Ochre colourway.

4. Honolulu Wallpaper

Next stop, Hawaii. Honolulu is a simple yet gorgeous design that embraces the vibrancy of a remote tropical island. The way the tropical leaves unfurl across the wall makes you feel like you’re in your own private seclusion of tranquillity with no one around to disturb you. There’s even a subtle wobbly effect within the leaves that will make you want to get up and start your own hula dance!

Variety is the spice of life, which is why you can get Honolulu wallpaper in four different colourways. Go for rosy pinks, zesty yellows, and blues, or embrace mother nature with some more earthy tones. Either way, you’ll be choosing a brilliant feature piece that captures the beauty of a Hawaiian island. This tropical wallpaper is perfect for either a dining area, living space, or study.

5. Miami Vibe Wallpaper

Last but not least, let’s return to big city life but stay in the heat with Miami Vibe wallpaper. Adorned with layers of tropical leaves, this flamboyant design captures the essence of a vibrant Miami sunset all year round. Picture yourself walking down Miami Beach with those tall palm trees lined up as far as the eye can see, feeling the ocean breeze cooling you off.

This palm leaf wallpaper is enough to make you blush, parading a vision of paradise in flamingo pink and yellow. We have three other colourways that switch up the vibe from pink, all of which are perfect for bringing both colour and character to your interior aesthetic. Get ready to leave all the stress of the day behind with this tropical wallpaper that radiates nothing but good vibes!

There you have it, tropical trailblazers—your passport to transforming your home into an exotic paradise. Whether you opt for a wild jungle adventure, or the company of flamingos, toucans, and lemurs, these tropical wallpapers will transport you to the sun-soaked settings of your dreams. So grab your sunglasses, unleash your creativity, and let the tropical wallpaper fever take over. It's time to turn your home into a sanctuary of island bliss!