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Designing a Dreamland: Boy's Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Let’s get to work on your boy’s bedroom!

We know that decorating a boys' bedroom can be both a thrilling and challenging task. You want it to be cool, inspiring, and, most importantly, a space that your little one will love. That's where Lust Home, and our anything but ordinary wallpaper comes to the rescue with a fantastic collection of kids bedroom wallpaper...

Wild and Free

Wild and Free Wallpaper in Jungle Greens, Terracotta and Sandstone bedroom @our.home.down.the.lane.jpeg__PID:c8d14f37-b477-4d06-9953-22d94afd3f74

@our.home.down.the.lane features 'Wild and Free' Wallpaper in Jungle Greens, Terracotta and Sandstone

@21_holmfield features 'Wild and Free' Wallpaper in Jungle Greens, Terracotta and Sandstone

With our 'Wild and Free' design your little dude will feel like a fearless safari hero, surrounded by exotic greenery and the boundless energy of the jungle. And thats not even the best part - bedtime transforms into an exciting expedition where every dream becomes a thrilling adventure (we bet you can't wait to hear all about those). Observe as your child's imagination runs wild in this captivating tigress-themed paradise!

Pair With...

'Smashed Avo' Matt Emulsion Paint

'Heritage' Matt Emulsion Paint

'Plant Power' Matt Emulsion Paint

Whale Of A Time

'Whale Of A Time' Wallpaper in Ocean Blue

'Whale Of A Time' Wallpaper in Deep Sea Blue

If your little explorer is fascinated by the ocean, our 'Whale of a Time' wallpaper is a must! This captivating design showcases graceful blue and purple whales swimming together on either a pristine white canvas or a deep navy. It's like having an underwater world right in your boys' bedroom!

Complement this wallpaper with nautical-themed decor, such as ship-inspired bookshelves, ocean-themed bedding, and seashell wall art.

Pair With...

'Silent Cave' Matt Emulsion Paint 

'Celebration' Wallpaper in Multicoloured

'Blue Moon' Matt Emulsion Paint 

Moves Like Jaguar

@victoriaemes features 'Moves Like Jaguar' Wallpaper in Sage Green and Mustard

Get ready for a tropical adventure that'll have you and your little explorer swinging from the vines! Our 'Moves Like Jaguar' design transforms your space into a lush jungle paradise, where vibrant green leaves and cantaloupe orange florals bring the walls to life.

So, gear up your explorer spirit and get ready to move to the rhythm of this jungle-inspired wallpaper.

Pair With...

'Barefoot in Bali' Matt Emulsion Paint

'Heritage' Matt Emulsion Paint

'Plush Blush' Matt Emulsion Paint

Wave After Wave

@twentyfourcentral features 'Wave After Wave' Wallpaper in Blueberry

@our.wee.project features 'Wave After Wave' Wallpaper in Peach, Bubblegum, Mint and Custard

Pastel colours are always cool, and this 'Wave After Wave' design is a fantastic way to bring those chill vibes to your space. This funky wallpaper is the ultimate fit for a young boy's bedroom, creating a laid-back and stylish vibe that's perfect for dreaming up all kinds of epic adventures. Whether it's a space for gaming, daydreaming, or just kicking back, this wallpaper is the ticket to a world of timeless coolness and pure fun!

Pair With...

'Nirvana' Matt Emulsion Paint

'Lemon Sherbet' Matt Emulsion Paint

'Silent Cave' Matt Emulsion Paint 

Want to see more?

Don't forget to explore our entire range of fun themed wallpapers to find the perfect match for your child's room. With Lust Home, you'll create a bedroom your child will cherish for years to come.

Happy decorating, and may your boys' bedroom become a space where dreams take flight and adventures never end!

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