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Colourful Wallpaper Ideas For Radiating Joy In Your Home

Unleash your favourite colour’s full potential with these vibrant, colourful wallpaper ideas for decorating

2023 has arrived, and so has the new Lust range of colourful wallpapers.A new year calls for an interior transformation to jumpstart your mood from the very beginning. We’re spreading the joy with euphoric brights and bold designs created to galvanise the adventurous decorators.Whether it’s colour ideas for an entire room or a feature wall, here’s our room-by-room guided tour of colour psychology in the home.

For the Kitchen

When it comes to colour ideas for kitchen walls, don’t be shy; the brighter the better! Otherwise known as the ‘heart of the home’, your kitchen is the perfect place to indulge in those vibrant yellows and oranges that ignite feelings of warmth and familiarity.

Get a Wiggle on is a playful take on striped wallpaper and perfectly mirrors the rhythm of a lively kitchen, contrasting wiggly lemon stripes over a white background. Vertical lines have an elevating effect on people, which is why this wallpaper is perfect for setting the tone in the social hub of the house.

Hang it among bright blush pinks and electric blues to energise your kitchen aesthetic and make it the life of the party.

The kitchen is essentially the life source of the home, nourishing the mind, body and soul with food and feelings of togetherness.

The Garden of Eden wallpaper colourfully illustrates a thriving ecosystem harmonious with your kitchen, bursting with cheerful florals and chattering wildlife.

A delicious palette of tangerine orange and grapefruit pink brings a stimulating but friendly aura of peace to the home. It looks divine against neutral cream furniture and dainty decor!

For the Living Room

2023 living room colour trends will be turning up the frequency this year, embracing more uplifting and invigorating shades that break the rules and have more fun. That sounds like a great idea. Let’s crack on!

Laid back and relaxed, the living room is the place for putting life on pause and letting the good times roll.

Good Vibrations is a funky twist on the animal kingdom and creates a nostalgic 90s theme, especially in a cool lavender colour palette. Lilac is known to be an open-minded, soothing colour that gets us in touch with our emotions, making it perfect for those movie marathons.

Matching Good Vibrations energy and colourway, make way for the atomic Flower Bomb in strawberry cheesecake. Large-scale florals are inspiring, and these bold hues bring just the right amount of joyful energy to a living room without disrupting the peace. You can also hang this floral wallpaper as a feature wall next to Picnic in the Park in Aquamarine and create an inviting flower patch effect.

For the Bedroom

Bold and colourful wallpaper prints are a great way of expressing individuality in the bedroom. Afterall, it is a room representing you and your unique quirks so why not show some personality?

The bedroom is the place to show your true colours and not take life too seriously. Unwind after a long day and let life’s worries wash over you with Wave after Wave.

There are many colour ideas for bedrooms out there, but why stop at one or two when you can have all the colours of the rainbow? Spread arches of happiness in your sacred space and find the joy in every day with this infectious rainbow aesthetic wallpaper.

Let’s face it; no one is sad after seeing even just one rainbow, never mind dozens! Patterns with curved edges have an instantly calming effect on people, making playful art deco design an ideal choice for areas of relaxation and recreation.

Continuing the coloured wallpaper craze, here’s a sprinkle of joy to finish off our new range. This polychromatic confetti wallpaper design is quite literally a Celebration of colour and will help you start each day with a spring in your step. Multi-coloured polka dots flutter energetically, creating an optimistic and motivating aura.

This bold decor design is perfect for hanging as a feature wall in the bedroom or any place you want to spark imagination and creativity.

For a more subtle decoration, you can use any of these joyous designs to decorate the furniture or alcoves of a room, creating vivid pockets of colour in the nooks and crannies of your home.

The possibilities are endless.