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Back to the Future: Reviving Retro Wallpaper Patterns for Modern Spaces

Retro wallpapers to make your walls the life of the party!

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like you’ve stepped into a time warp? If you’ve got a soft spot for the funky and fabulous, then you’re in for a treat. We’re about to dive headfirst into the world of retro wallpaper patterns, where the past meets the present, and groovy is the name of the game.

Rediscovering the Retro Revolution

Let’s set the stage. The 1960’s and 70’s were a time of bold colours, wild patterns, and an unapologetic love for all things funky. It was an era of lava lamps, bell-bottoms, and disco fever. And you know what else was in the spotlight? Retro wallpaper! These patterns were a kaleidoscope of design, featuring everything from psychedelic swirls to oversized florals that could put your grandma’s garden to shame.

But, just like any good trend, they had their moment, faded into the background, and patiently waited for their comeback. Well, folks, the wait is over.

Choose Your Retro Aesthetic

Whether you’re after a blast from the past or a modern twist on a classic, our collection of retro wallpaper patterns will make your heart skip a beat!

Keep on Rollin'

Keep On Rollin_ Cushion in Burnt Orange, Ochre, Toffee Brown and Sand @myretrodecor .jpeg__PID:502cd9ac-ed00-416d-851b-ca22b087b8f7
Keep On Rollin_ Wallpaper in Burnt Orange, Ochre, Toffee Brown and Sand, living room @myretrodecor, custom 001 .jpg (1).jpg__PID:d9aced00-716d-451b-8a22-b087b8f79f5f

@myretrodecor features 'Keep on Rollin' Wallpaper in Burnt Orange, Ochre, Toffee Brown and Sand

Ready to take your space on a time-travelling trip back to the swinging '60s? 'Keep on Rollin' is here to help you do just that. This retro wallpaper is all about those laid-back vibes and lucid dreams, boasting a mesmerising colour palette dominated by earthy greens and rustic terracottas that will envelop your room in a groove that's positively infectious.

For a seamless flow of those far-out colours, pair this pattern with its matching paint shades: Tuscan Rooftop, The Running Fox, and Tahini.

Pair With...

'Tuscan Rooftop' Matt Emulsion Paint 

'Barefoot in Bali' Matt Emulsion Paint

'Tahini' Matt Emulsion Paint

Groovy, Baby

Groovy baby @dazeyden.jpg__PID:702710ca-502c-49ac-ad00-716d851bca22
Groovy baby wallpaper bedroom @gorgonglare photo 4.5 002.jpg__PID:e9ca7027-10ca-402c-99ac-ed00716d851b

@dazeyden features 'Groovy, Baby' Wallpaper in Sunset Pink and Sunrise Orange

@gorgonglare features 'Groovy, Baby' Wallpaper in Candy Pinks, Strawberry Red and Lavender

This design pays homage to the iconic era of the '70s, showcasing a vibrant tapestry of rounded shapes drenched in sunset pink, deep purple, and groovy orange. To create your very own retro paradise, consider featuring this eye-catching design in your living room or bathroom. Picture yourself soaking in a bubble bath surrounded by these funky patterns, or lounging in a living room that exudes '70s coolness.

Pair With...

'Gluten Free' Matt Emulsion Paint

'Candy Floss' Matt Emulsion Paint

'The Running Fox' Matt Emulsion Paint

Good Vibrations

@colourfulmelissahome features 'Good Vibrations' Wallpaper in Candy Pink and Mint

@thebankofhappy features 'Good Vibrations' Wallpaper in Pumpkin Pie and Party Pink

Are you ready to kick your space up a notch? Brace yourself for a wild ride with this groovy pink zebra wallpaper. This abstract striped design is like stepping into a time machine set to the 90s, where good vibrations and neon dreams reign supreme. Picture sunset orange and blush pink dancing in harmony on your walls, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Pair With...

'Nirvana' Matt Emulsion Paint 

'Candy Floss' Matt Emulsion Paint

'Smashed Avo' Matt Emulsion Paint

Don't Forget...

Once and Floral Wallpaper Shown In Navy, Teal, Burgundy and Mauve

  • Sample Sensibly: Always get a sample to see how the pattern works in your space. What looks like a party online might clash with your existing décor.
  • Accessories Matter: Ensure your furniture and décor complement the retro vibes. You don't want your space to look like it's caught between eras.
  • DIY or Pro: Installing wallpaper can be a project, so decide whether you want to embrace your inner DIY enthusiast or call in a pro to ensure those patterns align perfectly.

The world of retro wallpaper patterns is your oyster, and it's time to pearl up those walls with some vintage funk. Whether you're going for full-blown nostalgia or a modern twist on a classic, these patterns are your time machine to the past.

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