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Retro Living Room Ideas For Those Immaculate Vintage Vibes

Look no further for Retro Living Room Ideas; we’re breathing life back into the 60s and 70s with a funky twist on vintage design inspiration

A retro resurgence from the 60s and 70s is always a good idea. And what better place to revive it than your sacred living room space? Whatever floats your vintage boat, Lust Home has a time machine of Retro Wallpapers inspired by each unique era. Creating your retro aesthetic from scratch has never been easier with these statement designs that ooze personality and style.

60s Wallpaper

Without further ado, let’s spin the vinyl and rewind to where it all started, Peace and Love! Influenced by 1960s hippie culture, this lively psychedelic print is all about spreading the love in your happy place. If peach is your preferred colour scheme, add a Plush Blush lick of paint to the mix. For a more neutral contrast, pair with So Fresh and So Clean, and let love speak up itself.

For sofas and accessories, incorporate deeper hues of teal green that bring out the best of the wallpaper design. If you can’t get enough of the hippie movement, why not throw in one of our Peace and Love cushions? Lastly, don’t forget your John Lennon shades! 

A cool palette of mint green and peach sets a harmonious tone so you can go with your designer flow. If you’re digging the green shade, we recommend contrasting our Elderflower Emulsion Paint that beautifully complements without upstaging the design.

70s Wallpaper

The beauty of retro style is that it transcends many art forms, particularly music culture. That’s right, we’ve arrived in the 70s, and it's All Groovy, Baby. Bringing a wave of nostalgia and infectious groove to your living room, this funky wallpaper speaks volumes of vintage.

Spinning colourful hypnotic layers of rounded shapes, you can almost hear Funkytown playing in the background. Capture the true authenticity of 70s interior design in all its glory with sunset pink, deep purple and orange. Perfectly in tune with our Candy Floss Emulsion Paint.

A vibrant and generous colour palette gives you creative freedom when styling accessories. Indulge the design with plush velvets and boho tassels that will fire up the funk levels and artistic flair.

Opt for low-slung, soft furniture that complements the laid-back fluidity of this retro style. But don’t get too comfortable; you’ll be dancing around the living room to Abba before you know it!