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Table Talk:
Pattern Clashing and Unexpected Wallpaper

Table scape 2_0318_Temp (2).jpeg__PID:6603df2d-2132-41ed-9f26-e81bb25f4535

To celebrate the launch of our 70s Style collection, we've taken 5 minutes with our Head of Creative Amy to discover how to set the scene for your own retro dinner party with a bold, pattern clashing tablescape.

Set the Scene

Start your tablescape with a central piece. I’ve chosen our 'Checkity Check Check' design which I’m using as a table runner. Featuring a bold and graphic pattern in a rich, yet muted, colour palette, it’s the perfect starting point for our scheme. This groovy design provides a beautiful palette of colours to incorporate elsewhere and the scale of the check makes it great for pattern clashing - which is also the reason it’s a great wallpaper choice!

Checkity Check Check_Retro Tones_LH900524_1925_REVIEW.jpeg__PID:0dd8d5f7-2990-4faa-8b5c-e39911ab7ca4
Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 10.21.18 (1).jpeg__PID:fbf68689-201d-415e-bf71-a484a68858b8

Pick a Theme

Our funky tablescape features two main themes that run throughout, keeping it feeling cohesive and considered. Checks and curves dazzle in the 'Checkity Check Check' tablerunner amidst more curves and checks introduced by the wavy edged napkins, mirrorballs and magical, mirrored mushrooms.

Table scape 2_0366_Temp.jpeg__PID:4a39cffa-84f8-4143-8314-33400a383af3
Table scape 2_0368_Temp.jpeg__PID:980e36ec-b1a7-4c54-87b1-9aa8ff9d8b9a

Bring on the Texture

A mixture of textures adds dimension to the table like leather, glass, mirrors, fabric and flowers. Choose pieces which react differently to the light, taking into consideration materials that take light as opposed to those that return it. Tan leather and muted linens are classic, sophisticated materials that ground the scheme whereas the mirrored elements add pops of excitement. The retro tortoiseshell glasses help tie the elements together while the pops of pink and green add a fabulously unexpected twist.

Table scape 2_0365_Temp.jpeg__PID:967cb592-31f8-4439-8a75-8010de038007
Table scape 2_0336_Temp (1).jpeg__PID:3fc235c6-1242-40b5-bebb-5db2c6a31ef2

Elevate with Key Pieces

Invest in key pieces that will elevate the scheme - in this case the scalloped linen napkins and mirrored centrepieces. As a practical part of the scheme, investing in napkins feels indulgent and the statement mirrored mushrooms add personality. Candles are a dinner party staple for a reason - they add warmth and ambience and are a great opportunity to add another element of colour, pattern and texture to the table. I couldn’t resist these fun striped candles to add a contemporary twist and some clashing colours to the table.

Dried flowers are a great way to add longevity to your tablescape. When you’re looking for a tight colour palette the perfect fresh flowers can be hard to source and getting the timing right to ensure they look their best can be tricky. There are lots of unique and interesting dried flower arrangements available to buy - or for an extra personal touch why not make your own? They make lovely personal party favours for your guests to take home - or keep them to enjoy yourself, we won’t judge!

Table scape 2_0343_Temp.jpeg__PID:0c3fc0bd-a0a5-4f33-beba-21f7460e69a3
Table scape 2_0334_Temp.jpeg__PID:08bd4055-85a7-49b0-b2ba-46abb23aae73

Pattern Clashing Tips

Start with your hero print, in this case the table runner, and keep a consistent colour running throughout. I’ve chosen to pull through the warm tan colour from our ‘Checkity Check Check’ design into the woven placemats, bespoke place cards/menus (featuring our distinctive ‘Seahorn’ design) and the tortoise shell wine glasses. It’s important to allow space for the patterns to breathe and patterns in a single colour, made from texture, like the placemats are a great way to do this. Don’t forget to vary the scale of your patterns to ensure they’re only clashing and not fighting… patterns in a similar scale will compete for attention and confuse the eye. Our 70s Style collection features a wide variety of geometric patterns in different scales and colour combinations - it’s designed with pattern clashing in mind!

Table scape 2_0348_Temp.jpeg__PID:e316efdb-d416-4d49-aad3-377ffc673d1d
Table scape 2_0309_Temp.jpeg__PID:487c9e92-fa26-45e1-bd09-9f81400995dd

Time to Enjoy!

Final recap - begin with a central piece, pull themes and colours throughout the scheme, use a variety of textures to add dimension, invest in key pieces and in true Lust style - don’t be afraid to play with patterns! The final touch that brings any tablescape to life is the people sitting around it, who are you going to invite to join you?



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